Khushi Kapoor to follow Sridevi and Janhvi Kapoor’s footsteps

Sridevi was an icon, a superstar! And after watching Dhadak, it looks like her elder daughter, Janhvi Kapoor will follow her mother’s footsteps to eventually become a star in the true sense of the term.

With Dhadak, Janhvi has already proved that like her mother, she too is a natural. And going by what Boney Kapoor just revealed, Khushi Kapoor too will follow the path her mother and elder sister have walked on. In a statement, the producer dad said, “I wouldn’t say that I motivated Janhvi. I encouraged her to let her do what she wants. Why curb someone’s natural instincts? Like for one, I didn’t know until Salman (Khan) told me that Arjun has it in him to become an actor. On the other hand, my eldest child, Anshula is extremely academically inclined. And Khushi first wanted to become a model- but has now shifted her focus to becoming an actress.”

What fun!

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