Take away our credit cards because Selena Gomez’s Coach collection is here!

Singer, actress, most followed person on Instagram. As if Selena Gomez’s resume wasn’t hefty enough, the musician has now turned fashion designer with her ready-to-wear collection for Coach. Selena, who has served as Coach’s brand ambassador since 2016, came out with a capsule collection of accessories and handbags for the company last year which practically flew off the shelves. So a full-blown collection seems like a natural transition for the luxury brand and hitmaker. And spoiler alert: they definitely lived up to the hype surrounding the collab!

The collection has Gomez’s trademark style all over it. Think feminine pastels, playful infusions, lace appliqué coupled with sportier pieces such as bomber jackets and hoodies and of course, handbags. Selena’s personal motto “Not Perfect, Always Me”, which has been engraved in her handwriting on a few pieces, is a thoughtful addition that makes the collection truly hers.

The best part? You can pre-order the collection right away! We make the tough decision a teeny bit easier for you by sharing our top picks…


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