Kalki Koechlin on being the second sex in a marriage

Kalki Koechlin is known to speak about her marriage with Anurag Kashyap, that eventually didn’t work out. Unlike other people, both Kalki and Anurag have been mature enough to handle a failed marriage with utmost grace and that’s perhaps the reason why they’re still such good friends. In an interview published in a book, Koechlin spoke about the idea of marriage and how women are always treated as the second sex after. She said, “Once I got married, I was only invited to the things that Anurag was invited to. People would say, ‘Call Anurag’s wife’. They wouldn’t say, ‘call Kalki’ or ‘call Kalki’s husband’. In marriage, a woman becomes the weaker sex, even if her husband doesn’t want her to be. This happens because of the way society has built the institution.”

Furthermore, the Margarita With A Straw actress also spoke about the process of coming out of her divorce. “I found myself alone after a very long time. I had to fill up that empty space somehow. I didn’t want to fill it up by going crazy and getting drunk, or by surrounding myself with the people. I chose the introverted version of filling up myself by spending more time at home, with the family… I’m happy I went through that journey,” she said.

To what level do you agree with Miss Koechlin? We agree 101!

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