Radhika Apte: It’s very important to come up with new things

Radhika Apte is everywhere and she is unstoppable. After three successive Netflix projects and two Bollywood blockbusters in her kitty, the actress is keeping her cool. She does not let success sink into her bones and loves to live one day at a time. 

While speaking to a leading daily the Ghoul actress mentioned, “The content that’s coming my way is great, but it needs to be challenging to throw me off. I like to live that. I am grateful for all the work but it’s also confusing because you are doing so much work that you don’t have time to breathe. It produces a lot of insecurities about whether you continue to work like that or not. Wondering what to do next gets me into my nerves”. 

She handles gratefulness and insecurity in equal proportion, hence aims to surprise her audience by picking diverse characters. “You get a one-off opportunity and if you manage to sustain that or not is very crucial. It’s very important to come up with new things, to reinvent yourself,” the actress adds on. 

 Apte is all geared for the release Andhadhun which hits the theatres on 5th October, followed by Saif Ali Khan’s Bazaar.

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