Chitrangda Singh: Kudos to Tanushree for standing up

After actress Tanushree Dutta boldly opened up about her #MeToo moment, her colleagues from the film industry are expressing mixed reactions towards the issue. Chitrangda Singh had gathered all her courage to take a strong stand to walk out of a film after director Kushan Nandy allegedly insisted to shoot an intimate scene with her co-star and now she extends her support to Dutta.

While speaking to a leading daily the Bazaar actress emphasized with Dutta saying, “Kudos to Tanushree for standing up, taking names and saying exactly what happened at the set. It takes a lot of guts to open and I am sure she was aware of what would come up after taking her stand.”

“It’s such a brave step and my support reaches out to her. She must have had her own reasons to wait for this long to open up. However, it does not make a difference, as long as she is heard. So many victims of rape or molestation are never in a state of mind to talk about the incident when it happened and choose to open about it later,” Chitrangda adds on.

True that it doesn’t matter when you speak up. The truth needs to be heard.

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