Parineeti Chopra: These men are worse than terrorists and murderers

The #MeToo movement has created a buzz in the country and women are not shying away from naming their alleged sexual predators. Following the lead of so many other celebrities, Namastey England actress, Parineeti Chopra has also spoken up on the same. While speaking to a leading daily, she said, “The moment you know something, take an action. If you are quiet, you are allowing this to happen. When I know you are not the greatest man, why should I continue making films with you, acting with you? Because then you’re enabling that person and he thinks ‘great, I’ve gotten away with this. Amazing! I can do it five more times”.

“According to me, these people need to be in jail. These men are worse than terrorists and murderers. Doing such a thing to a woman, violating her, I actually cannot think of something worse,” Chopra added.

Chopra’s next Namastey England is a Vikas Shah directorial also starring Arjun Kapoor which hits the screens on October 19th.  


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