Kangana Ranaut: Karan always has views about gym looks, airport looks but not #MeToo?

In the wake of the #MeToo movement in the country Kangana Ranaut hasn’t kept her thoughts to herself and why should she? owing to recent developments, the Queen actress urged Bollywood magnates to not keep shush and express their views on the movement, giving it stronger momentum and direction.  

While talking to a leading daily recently, Ranaut expressed her disappointment saying, “I have been speaking about it every day. But, now, more significantly, more people need to come out and talk about it. It’s just not one person to talk about it. Where are people like Karan Johar, Shabana Azmi? They too need to come out and talk. Karan always has views about gym looks, airport looks, he tweets ten times about it, what about this?”

The Manikarnika actress added, “I was seeing the promo that they have launched of his talk show, where again those frivolous talks have been going on. This one is sleeping with this one, that one is sleeping with. You know making girls look like Barbie dolls. This is not done and why men who change women like clothes are glorified. Has there been a woman who has been glorified like that?”

We feel you Kangana and hope to hear from KJo, and the rest of the industry soon! 


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