Saqib Saleem on #MeToo: I was only 21 when it happened with me

With the #MeToo movement whirling in the media and entertainment,Big names like Vikas Bahl, Alok Nath, Subhash Ghai have been shamed on social media by victims. And now, even men are coming forward and sharing their stories with the hashtag all over Twitter. 

Saqib Saleem who was last seen in Race 3 opened up about the dark secrets of the industry. While speaking to a leading daily he expressed, “I don’t want to take names, but when I started out as an actor I was only 21 years old. There was a man who tried to assault me. He tried to put his hand in my pants.” 

“When it happened with me, I whacked the guy and I told him to mind his own f***ing business and I left. It left me horrified, but I moved on. I’m sure that everyone’s different and an incident such as this must affect different people differently,” he added.

Well Saqib, we stand by you, in solidarity and hope the day comes soon when this man is punished for his wrongdoings.


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