Meet the Humans of Bombay Balloon

It’s been two years (almost) and not much has changed. The team still comprises of the same people, with just additions – so basically (and thankfully), we haven’t lost anyone. Without further ado, here are the people who make Bombay Balloon what it is…

Arptita Phalke: While Arpita’s dream job is to work as Taimur Ali Khan’s nanny and her dream life is that of Blair Waldorf’s (Gossip Girl) and she hasn’t given up hope on either, she writes fashion features for Bombay Balloon for now. An experience of about two years in the fashion industry as a journalist with India’s leading entertainment magazine, she can make you feel low in front of her words. Crisp and connectable is how we’d define her style of writing. And when she’s not writing, she is either working on her piece or fetching on Farfetch or just studying for her MBA exams. A writer of her own worth, Phalke is definitely our most prized writer, and so shy (probably) that her picture isnt here…

2345896Humans of BB-7Humans of BB-811


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