Here’s why Anand Ahuja is the best husband in the world

Mrs and Mr Ahuja always kept their relationship under wraps before making it official, and since then, there hasn’t been a day when we’ve not awed over them, maybe even drooled. Recently, on the occasion of Karwa Chauth, when women fast for the longer lives of their husbands, Anand Ahuja seem to have bullied Sonam K Ahuja into not keeping the fast for him, or so she believes. The Neerja actress took to Instagram and wrote, “I hope to live my best life with you always my love. and to being the most progressive, compassionate and gentle man I know. Happy KC and thank you for bullying me into not keeping it in the most hilarious way possible”. 

But the real winner is not the fact that Anand Ahuja is such a considerate husband, but the fact that he’s possibly the best husband in the world. He commented on Kapoor Ahuja’s post, “I didn’t bully you! I just said that I’m fasting if you’re fasting and if we don’t fast we can just walk around and workout and enjoy the day together! That sounds like intelligence to me!”

Isn’t he just the best, isn’t he! 

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