Tanushree Dutta: Rakhi Sawant is dirty, downmarket, classless, characterless, perverted

Whether you knew Tanushree Dutta till a month ago or not, you definitely know her now. And all credit for the same goes to her fearlessness – to stand up and speak against the wrong. About a month ago, the former actress claimed to have been sexually harassed about ten years back by Nana Patekar while shooting for Horn OK Pleassss, giving rise to the Indian #MeToo movement, a counterpart of that in the West.

While most of the industry has lent support to Dutta there are some who haven’t, and some have chosen to not speak about it at all. One of the people who’s been really offended by Dutta has been the (in)famous Rakhi Sawant. At a (self hosted?) public conference, Sawant claimed that Dutta had raped her (she to she) when they used to be friends and has even called her a man owing to the fact that Dutta has short hair. In her words, “Tanushree Dutta ek ladka hai.”

But now, Dutta has given it back to Sawant. In an interview with a leading daily, she said, “My parents always told me to choose my friends very carefully and I learnt to live by that advice. I simply avoid at all cost people I think are not good for me. So it’s disgusting when uncouth, uneducated, dirty, downmarket, classless, characterless, perverted, degraded abominations like Rakhi Sawant claim to ever be friends with me.”

Tanushree added that the only time she met Sawant was at an airport lounge in 2009. “She told me that I will go to hell if I don’t believe in Jejus. Of course, the fanatic fool didn’t have an answer when I asked her the exact location of heaven and hell. Then Rakhi went on to trash Hinduism and murti puja by calling it devil worship. At this point, I got disgusted with her and told her to back off,” Tanushree added.

“These Rakhi Sawants of the world are the kind of people who are the reason the minorities get into trouble in our country. When they are Hindu, they talk badly about other religions and when they convert, they talk badly about Hinduism. But the good ones get judged by the behaviour of these so-called converts,” Dutta concluded.

Well, we just want to thank Tanushree Dutta now being such a powerful woman!

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