Kareena Kapoor Khan: Taimur needs a normal life

Little Taimur Ali Khan is a bundle of joy and a paparazzi star. There is no doubt that the entire nation is obsessed with him and his pictures manage to flood every social newsfeed.

The obsession has reached to another level and people have started manufacturing dolls named after the toddler nawab. Producer Ashwini Yardi shared a photo of the same and since then the post has gone viral, receiving numerous reactions.

When Saif Ali Khan was approached to comment about the same he said, “Maybe I should trademark his name… At least they could send me one. I am glad people are benefiting from him. I only ask God for his safety and happiness in return”.

On the other end mommy Kareena Kapoor Khan expressed, “Taimur can’t run away from his popularity and neither can his parents. When I saw the doll, I wondered what was I supposed to say. But Saif pointed out that it is because people love him so much and such things are a blessing for him. There is so much genuine warmth for our son that it’s bad to stop people from clicking his pictures or making his dolls. But, they should understand that he is a two-year-old child and needs a normal life.”

The Veere Di Wedding actress further added, “Both Saif and I are struggling to give him that and will continue to do so without telling the media to back off, no matter how annoying it gets after a point. It’s tough on him as it’s on Saif and me.”

If you know where to buy that doll, send us links?


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