We tell you why Taimur Ali Khan’s birthday was celebrated yesterday

All through last night, we kept wondering as to why would Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan celebrate Taimur Ali Khan’s birthday two weeks in advance, and clashing it with Sara Ali Khan’s debut release. Well, there might have been many speculations but we finally have an answer. Turns out, the Khans have a special work cum leisure trip planned for Taimur’s birthday and will celebrate it in South Africa. “In the coming few days, Kareena will be leaving for South Africa due to her work commitments and later she will be joined by Saif and Taimur there. The idea of celebrating Taimur’s birthday there has got Kareena very excited. Unlike last year, they plan to keep it low-key and more private,” a source informs.

What do we do for our birthdays? Distribute eclairs. What does Baby T do? Takes exotic vacations because that’s just how the Royals do it!

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