Fatima Sana Shaikh: One failure is not going to make me run away

Only if you’re living under a rock would you not know that Fatima Sana Shaikh was recently on a lovely holiday in Turkey. The actor admits that post the failure of her latest release, Thugs Of Hindostan, Sana Shaikh decided that she needed a break from all the negativity around the film. “I wanted to get away from it for some time,” she admits, “Except for posting pictures on social media, I didn’t follow any other news. I am one of those who reads everything and watches everything, and I did do that for one week before heading for my holiday.”

The Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan starrer was expected to create history at the Box Office, but it certainly didn’t. “Everybody has an opinion and you cannot reject the audience’s reaction. If they have not liked it, there must have been a reason. I can’t be upset with people. Life mein thoda move on kar lena chahiye,” she added.

A leading daily asked the Dangal actress how did she feel after the failure of TOH, especially after receiving so much love for Dangal, she said, For the first few days, I couldn’t understand what was happening… all the trolling, etc. I was very disturbed and heartbroken, but eventually, I learnt to accept it. When you get into something like this, everyone puts in so much effort. It’s not just the actors and filmmakers but also the technicians. For almost two years, everybody was so involved in it. The audience didn’t take to the film but I will never forget the memories that I shared with these people. I still take it positively because I got this opportunity to work with such legends. I’ve reached here after a lot of struggle and so many auditions, one failure is not going to make me run away from this industry. I’m just going to keep working harder. Every setback is a learning experience.”

When asked what was next for her, she said, I’m doing a movie with Anurag Basu, where I’m paired opposite Rajkummar Rao. We start shooting in January and I’m really excited about it. It’s not a sequel to Life In A Metro, but has a similar layout — of four stories. It’s a different role, a normal one this time! (Laughs).”

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