Katrina Kaif wants to join the Indian Cricket Team and Kings XI Punjab

We’re all aware that Katrina Kaif is one of the most hardworking people there can be in the industry, and with some films (Zero, most recently), Kaif has even proved that she does have a knack for the camera as well. And more so, as a brand, Kaif’s films sell! But little do many people know that she has a fun and goofy side to her as well. While Katrina Kaif has had and continues to have great friendships and equations with her fellow industry people, she is a riot on sets.

Recently, on the sets of Bharat, Kaif and her team engaged in a cricket match and here’s what she shared:

While the video and Kaif’s caption is hilarious, what really caught our attention is what Preity Zinta had to say to this:


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