Jyoti Reddy’s Bhoomi Bhoomi is a belief we need to inculcate in ourselves

Ereena by designer Jyoti Reddy recently showcased her latest collection, Bhoomi Bhoomi at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer Retreat 2019, which is her ode to the nature around us – the air we breathe in, the soil we walk on, the water we drink, and much more. The label says, “Our fragile environment is crumbling as we breathe and we are solely to be blame for such mass assassination of our mother nature. The collection is our personal pledge to look inwards and explore an meaningful significance to preserve this organic treasure of life. It’s an urgent need to move towards a shared ethos , where nature’s precedence and waste is invited back to a new fruitful cycle. Our signature silhouettes and perennial classics are revisited emphasizing the hand crafted legacy of our home grown weaves. Adding to its timeless appeal, the custom made fabrics are isotherm.

“Bhoomi Bhoomi is a wonderful synergy of contemporary design , a novel interpretation of traditional weaves, the beauty of natural dyes and The weaves magnificently combine techniques like ikat, jamdani and jacquard to give you unique qualities, never been seen before. Each look in colored using all natural materials such as Manjista, indigo, Annette, and Pomegranate. This collection is indeed a pure celebration  of indigenous crafts, sustainable fashion and responsible designing. Come be part of this  fashionably noble movement of style.”

At the Lakme Fashion Week, actress Malavika Mohanan took to the ramp to express these very qualities and beliefs on the brand…

Malavika Mohanan at LFWSR19

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