How Isha Bhansali turned Rajkummar Rao into a fashion force

Till before some time back, we’ve not known Rajkummar Rao as a fashion force. I’ve always seen only Ranveer Singh and Ayushmann Khurrana as the well dressed men in Bollywood. And while Singh’s sense of style (styled by Nitasha Gaurav) is almost always over the top, and even though it is to my liking, it usually isn’t something I would want to wear, not because I’d be conscious, but because it just isn’t my style. So, a while back, when Khurrana stepped into the fashion scene, with stylist Isha Bhansali, I found my solace, my meeting ground with fashion. Until, when we had Rajkummar Rao step up, again, with Isha Bhansali, and that’s when I knew that this was, in fact, my true meeting ground with fashion.

I’ve always seen Rajkummar Rao as a very all inclusive person, off camera of course, whether it’s in terms of his interviews or his sense of fashion. He’s always had the silent edge to his personality. And that did reflect in the choices he made with his clothes. While his on-screen persona has always been magnetic and shall always remain so, the off-screen one has been on the lighter side of things, and I would think that the blame would fall on his focus to deliver his craft.

Enter Isha Bhansali. 

With Rao, Bhansali plays with colours and layers and makes him, for the lack of a better word, vibrant. Talking to us, about what she had in mind for Rao and how she made that work, Isha Bhansali says, “So I wanted to bring in life into his wardrobe. He’s a young man with a boyish charm so I wanted to enhance that. Most importantly Raj is all about the classics with a modern edge. So I always follow that route with him.”

And the fact that he’d be willing to foray into a territory that was otherwise dark for him is a reflection of the talent he possess and his capability to cross borders, no matter how high they would be. “Raj is very open minded which works very well for me. He’s open to change. And that’s one of the reasons why he’s such a great actor as well,” Bhansali added.

What excites us the most about Isha Bhansali’s craft is that while she is always ready to explore fashion across international waters with brands like Prada, Diesel, Stella McCartney, Zara, she willingly sees the passion in and capabilities of homegrown labels like Bhane, UNIT, Theorem and their likes, giving them an equal chance to have a voice.

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