Sonam K Ahuja is a vegan, sitting on plastic kinda icon of social change and we have our problems

They awarded Sonam Kapoor Ahuja as an “Extraordinary Icon of Social Change” yesterday. Congratulations. Mrs Ahuja, my views of you as an actor are something entirely different and limited for days when I have to review your films. So today, let’s talk about ‘social change’ and what all you’ve done. To begin with, you empower young girls, you really do, about whatever it is. Agreed. You’re vegan, which is a great thing for your health and the ecosystem. I do not have the strength to do that, but then neither do I claim to be an ambassador for social change.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja with Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter on stage

My argument is two fold. You recently did a photoshoot with ELLE India Magazine and in one of the pictures are sitting on a couch that is covered with a single use plastic sheet, if I am not wrong. For a moment, I’m also ready to believe that it’s not single use plastic. Even then, it is plastic. Even then, it is harmful for the environment. It is not something a person worthy of a ‘social change’ award would do, even unconsciously. In which privileged world of yours did you think that it was okay to sit on that plastic sheet and then have it in you to walk up the stage and collect this award of yours? Congratulations, by the way.

Secondly, I am sure you agree with the universal phenomena that “charity begins at home.” You are a well read human, at least going by your social media, and I think you would definitely agree on it, because you need to clean your home first in order to spread cleanliness. Then, please, explain to me, why does your sister, Rhea Kapoor, blatantly promote a drinking water brand that comes in a single use plastic bottle? You’re definitely not responsible for what your siblings do. None of us are. But when I have them, sitting in the audience, or at home, hooting for me as I walk up a stage to collect my award for social change, in couture, I do become responsible for their actions. And even if you think you’re not responsible, just think how charity indeed begins at home.

And again, congratulations!

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