Mahesh Bhatt threw a chappal at Kangana Ranaut, reveals Rangoli Chandel

Kangana Ranaut has been rentlessly attacking Alia Bhatt with her words without leaving any opportunity. In the heat of the moment Soni Razdan lashed out on her Twitter handle expressing, “Mahesh Bhatt is the man who has given her a break … she goes on to attack his wife and daughter. Daughter over and over again. What is left to be said then about abusing and hatred I wonder. Apart from character of course. Agenda ? What’s hers?”

Within split seconds Rangoli Chandel came out to defend her sister, stating that it was director Anurag Basu who gave Ranaut a break in the industry and Mahesh Bhatt is just a creative director at his brother’s production house. A series of tweets arouse from Chandel’s handle where she also accused Mahesh Bhatt for throwing a ‘chappal’ at a 19-year-old Kangana at the preview of her film Woh Lamhe. Chanel also slammed others who spoke in Bhatt’s favour.

Soni Razdan later went on to delete her tweet.

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