Met Gala: Why we excluded Billy Porter from our Best Dressed list

We’ve gotten a couple of comments, messages as to why have we not included Billy Porter in our ‘Best Dressed at #METGala2019’ list and the reason is pretty simple. Though we loved the glittering gold bodysuit and robe by The Blonds, we needed to not have him on the list, because it’s 2019 and his entry just wasn’t justified, to us. We agree that he came dressed as an Egyptian Sun God, but there are some things that are not acceptable to us and indignity of labour is just one of them. We hope you will respect our decision.

Billy Porter Met Gala
Billy Porter’s entry onto the Pink Carpet at Met Gala 2019

We’re really happy with the fact that we have people writing to us – we appreciate your comments, your criticism – and here’s a reply to each one of you asking us the same question. Thank you for hearing us out.

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