Be the next IT-Girl with print-on-print

The thing about some fashion trends is that not everyone can pull them off. Whether it is bright orange fur, as did Kendall Jenner at the Met Gala or socks with slip ons, as does almost every other fashion influencer – they’re all risky territories not everyone wants to venture into. Same goes for print-on-print, in fact, this arena of fashion is the least explored. Only those who truly dare decide to walk into these dangerous waters. You don’t need to be an uber fashion stylist to be able to pull off print-on-print – just an eye for what would go with what (we will help you with that) and a kind of confidence you’ve never worn before! And if you’re still in two minds about it, here’s Mrunal Thakur pulling off print-on-print-on-print like a total pro!


Thakur, who is is Vienna currently, showcasing her debut film, Love Sonia to the world, opted for Roopa Pemmaraju separates for the screening of the film. Stylists Pranay Jaitly and Shounak Yatin Amonkar of Who Wore What When style a print-on-print look, playing with both dark and bright hues. What we love the most about this look is that no two prints are the same. The effortlessness with which Thakur carries off different prints – all loud florals – is commendable. The biggest reason, perhaps, why this look works the most are the mixed textures and shapes of each of the separates that gives the entire look an easy feel. Simple and earthy jewels from Diosa Jewels and shoes from INTOTO provide a nice arc to the otherwise loud styling, which we really like.

If you’re not as bold as Thakur and are wary of adorning multiple prints, go for a single loud print and pop it up with a solid colour separate. Here are a few styles you can try out for yourself, some are as loud as Thakur, some not so much, and some even more!


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