Go mellow with yellow with Zara

Months ago, when millennial pink was the raging colour, I was sitting on a couch at a friends house, discussing how millennial pink was the new everything. I told him then, “I have a feeling yellow will take over this colour very soon, mark my words.” Weeks later, I was talking to one of our fashion writers, Vatsala Vats, when she blatantly ignored my “yellow is the new black” comment and we went on to discuss something else altogether. But when Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor Khan stepped out in their respective versions of yellow – a gorgeous Sabyasachi saree and a Stephane Rolland outfit respectively – Vatsala agreed that it was a colour here to stay, and indeed it is.

Go mellow with yellow with Zara.png

So girls, go hit your nearest Zara stores and just pick up whatever yellow you might be able to set your eyes upon. To make your work easier, here’s what else you can pick up, along with your yellows:


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