Taapsee Pannu gives it back to Kangana Ranaut: There are five women in Mission Mangal. Is she praising us?

Kangana Ranaut’s sister, Rangoli Chandel started a quarrel of sorts between Ranaut and Taapsee Pannu, when the Pink actress said that Ranaut needed a double filter. Chandel then called Pannu a ‘sasti copy’ of Kangana and the rest, is known to all.

Recently, while promoting Mission Mangal, Taapsee Pannu said to a leading daily, “If I meet her (Kangana Ranaut), I will graciously walk up and say hello to her, or even her sister. It was triggered because I said she needs a double filter. Even Anurag [Kashyap] and I need that. How is that a negative thing? I saw her as an honest person. It’s sad that she says a woman cannot call out another woman. I will call out people basis who is wrong and right, and not based on what gender they belong to. Feminism is about an equal platform.”

“She has always spoken about how a woman should support another woman, but I did not hear any words of praise for my films. There are five women in Mission Mangal. Is she praising us? I am her junior and don’t have [as vast] a filmography as her, but I have done a decent number of films for someone to be appreciative of it,” Pannu added.

The Naam Shabana actress concluded by saying, “It was a shock because it came from someone I always admired. I felt disappointed. When someone you had put on a pedestal does this, it makes you question if you were right in looking up to her. In my response, I said I am happy being a copy because she is a damn good actress. I am sasta because she claims to be the highest-paid [female actor]. I don’t see it as derogatory. Just because she is saying it, doesn’t mean it’s the ultimate truth. She didn’t expose me; she exposed herself. It’s awkward but I won’t hold it against her. I love her as a performer and will continue to do so.”

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