Shraddha Kapoor’s PR fakes that she was paid 7 crores for Saaho?

Shraddha Kapoor mat have releases lined up this year, beginning with Saaho. But, it hasn’t been the best of times for her. After the actress was made to walk out of the Saina Nehwal biopic, only to have Parineeti Chopra step in for the film, Kapoor hasn’t had a release since, and even till a little before that. So, in a PR stunt, rumour has it that Kapoor was paid a whopping fee of Rs 7 crores for her Telugu film with Prabhas, Saaho. But turns out the truth is far from that, and that the actress wasn’t even paid half of the sum.

A source close to the development has said, “This is only her publicity machinery at work. An impression is being created that she has been paid a certain amount in Tollywood to increase her fee in Bollywood. But the truth is that she has been paid a far less amount.”

The source added, “The budget for hiring heroines in Telugu cinema is a lot less compared to Bollywood. These girls from Mumbai who work in Telugu cinema work for much less money in the South than what they demand in Mumbai. To spread the rumour that Shraddha got Rs 7 crore for Saaho is damaging for both the South and Bollywood film industries.”

The report by the source also stated that Kapoor has been paid a fee od Rs 3 crores as against the Rs 7 crores that she claims. Apart from this, the Half Girlfriend actress has Street Dancer 3D and Chhichore up for release this year.

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