Olive all the way, with Ayushmann Khurrana

Not that we have anything against any particular colour, but as seasons come and go, so do colours. While millennial pink and yellow may have come into the arena and as they stand on the lines of going away from the fashion scene, a new colour is here to dominate your winter wardrobe. And trust me, it is here for the good. Even though I love an all black outfit as does almost every other person, my love for olive green, especially with black, is sacred, holy even.

If you don’t know it yet, Ayushmann Khurrana is my favourite fashionable man out there, and it goes without saying that Isha Bhansali my favourite stylist. Together, they can work wonders. I had spoken to Bhansali once, and talking of Khurrana’s experimentation with fashion, she had said, “Well, I just enjoy it,” and honestly, it shows! So when the Dream Girl actor stepped out in olive green separates from Kanika Goyal Label and Agrima Batra, it had to be my favourite pick from his promotional spree.

Bhansali focuses on loose silhouettes with this look, as the Kanika Goyal Label hoodie and the Agrima Batra jacket hang on Khurrana’s frame. What’s key to note, while playing with shades of the same colour, is that whether or not the shades will go? Will one shade overpower the other? The latter is a tough battle to fight, but Khurrana aces it and how!

Not that we wouldn’t have loved an all olive look, we absolutely adore the black pants from SIX5SIXSTREET and the fiery Ferragamo shoes. I have told Bhansali earlier, of course in a passing joke, that one day, I will raid her office closet, and it seems like it’s time to bring that to reality!


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