Kendall Jenner’s latex adventure is outright stunning | Emmy Awards

Kendall Jenner is one celebrity you can’t really expect anything from. I mean, of course you can always expect the best from her sartorial choices, but you cannot predict what she might turn up in as she walks down the red carpets of international events. Firstly, we did not expect her at the Emmy Awards this year, owing to the Milan Fashion Week, but there she was, standing tall, next to to sister, Kim Kardashian. Not just that, what also came as an absolute surprise was the fact that Jenner, who recently dyed her hair a shade of blonde, showed up with a black mane.

Kendall Jenner at Emmy Awards

While Kim K opted for a classic black gown with silver chains and a cross, star of the evening Kendall Jenner chose to wear a floral Richard Quin number along with a black latex turtleneck bodysuit underneath it. While the gown is not something new or out there for that matter, it is the bodysuit that made all the difference and added the required oomph to the outfit.

What we absolutely loved about the model’s look is that she chose to go very basic and minimal on the accessories and makeup front, letting nothing but the outfit shine in its glory.

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