Alia Bhatt’s pink adventure needs to be your brunch date outfit

After making a stunning appearance in a white dress at Shaheen Bhatt’s book launch, Alia Bhatt was seen in the city, at an interview in an outfit that could be touted as the best brunch date outfit and also as stylist Lakshmi Lehr’s best outing ever. For her appearance, Bhatt chose separates from Paris based label Paule Ka and finished her look with a pink corset from Zara.

While the shirt and trousers aren’t something out of the box, it is the corset that does almost all of the work here, playing out as something unique, something new. A messy base at the corset calls for some balance, which is provided by Yianni Tsapatori who has done Bhatt’s hair for the look. The messy bun is a perfect ten. And so is the makeup by Mehak Oberoi.

So girls, trust us and rush to Zara now and get your corset. You might just need it for your next brunch date, or maybe even dinner.

Alia Bhatt's pink adventure needs to be your brunch date outfit

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