Rangoli Chandel tries to create Kangana-Hrithik controversy again

It’s been a while since Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan washed their laundry in public. While we are all in for gossip (always) but it should never be demeaning. Both Roshan and Ranaut had an ugly war of words, which was dragged for a while. And now that everything is hush between them, Ranaut’s sister, Rangoli Chandel has more to say.

We agree that everyone should be saying whatever it is that they want to, but isn’t this overdoing it? There’s been no trigger from Roshan’s side, or from anyone for that matter, for Chandel to write a tweet that only demeans him. It is great to talk your mind, but what Chandel has done in the past and continues to do is not the best thing. Whatever went down between the two actors is on them and doesn’t need to be dragged so much, does it?

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