The One With Rachel Green’s Green Dress

Who doesn’t know Rachel Green! Even if you haven’t watched Friends, we’re sure you’ve heard her name, taken outfit inspirations from her and even borrowed her sassy one-liners. One of Jennifer Aniston’s most famous character from this American sitcom, Rachel proved to be the style jewel all through the era (an era is defined as a considerable amount of time). The power of her style made a comeback in 2019 which got every Friends addict back in their high-waisted, straight denim and little tunics just how the show’s costume designer Debra McGuire worked with Green’s character.

Even today, Aniston’s character is an inspiration to us when initially she was seen as a clueless bird who flew from her daddy’s nest, leaving her precious boats and hats (and ponies) behind and started serving as a waiter. What drove her ahead in her career was her “Passion for Fashion”. Green came from detangling hangers to, by the end of the series working at Ralph Lauren. And let’s not forget the much celebrated “Gucci called and they want me! Gucci wants ME!”

We’ve put together an iconic Rachel Green ensemble from Season 3 of the series, The One Where No One’s Ready. In the episode, Ross is ready to get an award and gets frustrated when he sees that everyone is caught up with something else and you know the rest… For those of you who’re wondering what’s happening, we suggest you tune in to Netflix ASAP because you’re missing out on a lot!

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By the end of the episode Green is seen in a long, high-slit dress (as she goes commando) and we can’t take our eyes off her. If you too want to make a statement at your next event, we definitely recommend you having a look at these products in stock for you. For starters, you would want to have a dress similar to hers and for you, we have a Midi Dress from Nasty Gal and a double buttoned modal blazer from Mango. Finish your look by adding a pair of gold broad chain mini hoops from Pipa Bella’s collaboration with Rhea Kapoor and a statement Swarovski crystal cuff bracelet from CHARLES AND KEITH. Of course, you’re going to need a pair of Vinyl mules with methacrylate heels that complement the dress! Like, duh! 



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