5 toned-down outfits from Aditi Rao Hydari’s wardrobe to wear while in quarantine

Aditi Rao Hydari – an actor, an ace dancer, and a tuneful singer – has come a long way with her screen presence and personal style. With her elegance on and off-screen, Rao Hydari has always charmed us, ever since she made her debut with Delhi 6. Her off-screen style evolution over the years is something to take note of! Her style aesthetics from bright and vibrant sequenced gowns to neutral shades Indian wear has always stood out and made a trend, and that’s something we adore!

What we love about the actor’s style is that it has its moments. She’s prepared for any event and can pull off any look whether giving a sense of Bohemian staples or timeless classics. Even her statement attires are easy to the eyes, it’s never flashy or extravagant!

While her ethnic game is always on point, her loungewear too is heading towards the spotlight as she is locked down at her home in Hyderabad. If you are looking for something to make you feel a little more active in quarantine (not that you need to), get inspired by the way Aditi Rao Hydari adores her comfy maxi dresses, denim and tee looks. Let’s not forget the night suits!

Here are 5 different choices of toned-down outfits from Aditi Rao Hydari’s wardrobe 

Tee and jeans combo

If you’re heading out for groceries and thinking of a high possibility of bumping into someone you haven’t met in four months (what now feels like ages), or god forbid, your ex (how dare he/she still be alive!) here’s a look you can steal from the Wazir actor’s go-to look – a simple red tee tucked in, to a pair of high waisted jeans and of course, don’t forget to add a mask to be safe!


Off-duty look

When naps call, we answer! The actor too knows that there is no better therapy than taking a quick nap and she is caught doing it with her purrfect nap partner! You too deserve this and trust us, it all makes a bit better with the right set of cozy sleepwear. For you, we have two!

BBFashion (2)7


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Work from home is tough! Especially when you realize the option of sitting on a comfortable couch and trying hard to not fall asleep is not a suitable option, because sleep is inevitable. Now what’s even harder is changing out from your pjs and having to look smart and casual for your next zoom meeting. A checked shirt and knee- ripped denim from Aditi Rao Hydari’s inspired relaxed ensemble can help you discover exactly what you are looking for. Here’s where you can find it:


Meraki maxi

A maxi dress can make you feel powerful on a dull day. We believe it and so does Aditi Rao Hydari which is why she adores her maxi dresses. The actor escapes from the ordinary on her trip to Bordeaux, France wearing an Indigo ruffled resort dress from Shivan & Narresh. Stylist Ayesha Amin Nigam creates this look leaving it bold yet subtle. Give the boots a miss and recreate the tousle and look happening even when you’re locked down in your house on a hot day.


Kirtle Kurta

If there’s a small gathering at your place (like relatives playing cards, or a gathering with your pets, whatever suits your fancy) and you are sick of wearing the same old, we suggest you give yourself a break and dress up a little. You know you want to put on some makeup and get good pictures so why not go out of the way and be a little extra! Rao Hydari was spotted in a Kumudini-Old Rose outfit and you too can own this outfit from Tokree Jaipur’s collection to catch the actor’s diva look.


Image Source: All product images have been taken from their respective websites; Aditi Rao Hydari: Instagram

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