10 outfits from Torani’s ‘Shuddhi’ that deserve a place in your closet

There have always been contrasting views on Karan Torani’s label, Torani. For some, it’s too much, for many it’s just the right amount. I belong to the latter category. I’ve loved and admired the designer’s collections over the years, and truth be told, they are worth admiring. Heritage weaves and chintz are his USP. He taps, very well, into his Sindhi background (which I myself am very aware of), understanding the nuances of our history, the aftermath of the partition on a community, the preservation of a culture and the relevance of the community in a free India.

In an interview with The Hindu, Torani had said, “I’m retelling stories of my community and designing clothes that my mother and nani wore, like phirrans and short patialas,” adding, “Here, more is less. If done precisely, nothing seems gaudy. I’m inspired by Sufi culture, too, so there is a lot of use of natural fabrics and loose silhouettes.”

While I’ve admired all of his work, his latest collection, Shuddhi, stands apart. Using organza and a lot of intricate threadwork, the designer brings to life my favourite collection from his label. The brilliance of Karan Torani doesn’t just lie in designing clothes but also designing his social media presence, which today, is very important. Just a few videos and images are out for now, but it’s some really good work – from the production to the telling of these stories. Shot in Kerela, his latest campaign is brilliant!

On Instagram, Torani’s official handle says, “Rivers have shaped history, culture, traditions and faith…and nowhere is it as palpable, as in India.

“Named after “Sindhu” – the Indus, the very name India, invokes images of the mighty river that flows down the Himalyas. Look at the Indian Subcontinent and you will find a maze of rivers, mostly considered goddesses in Hindu tradition, weaving their way through – giving life, hope and salvation all at once.

“Inspired by the 7 holy rivers of India, famously known as the “Saptha Sindhu” we present – S H U D D H I, Our new campaign that celebrates the power, magic, myths and the imperishable soul of our nation and it’s Holy rivers.”

I went through the collection on their website, and here are my 10 favorite pieces from the collection. And honestly, this was tough to pick, because literally all of them are so good!


Image Source: All product images have been taken from Torani’s website; Feature image: Instagram/ToraniOfficial

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