Buy Taylor Swift’s cardigan from Cardigan for Rs 3667 here!

Metaphors or actual physical cardigans – give us all! Who doesn’t want the Taylor Swift cardigan!

How many minutes/hours/days have I spent listening to songs from Taylor Swift’s latest album folklore, you ask? EVERY SINGLE MINUTE since it released. Like, literally. I workout to those songs, they’re playing in the background while I’m working from home, and obviously as I type, edit and upload this article. But do you blame me for the same? Of course not! The songs (most of them) are so good you don’t want to let go of them.

Before launching the album, in an Instagram post, Taylor Swift had announced that due to the on-going pandemic, she had a very restricted number of people on her team, and hence has has to direct, style herself for the video, while doing her own hair and makeup for the “Cardigan” music video.

Taylor Swift Cardigan
Taylor Swift in a still from ‘Cardigan’; Source: YouTube

In the music video, you see Swift in a beige dress all through the song, except in the end, where you see her slipping on a cable-knit cardigan. While she does use the word ‘cardigan’ as a metaphor in the song, the good news is that copies of the same are now available for sale! Well, truth be told, they have been for the last two days, but we just found out! So girls, you now don’t need your boyfriend’s oversized hoodie, because you got your own (jk, just keep them both)!


Price of the product is as on publishing date and time, according to the exchange rate. Image Source: All product images have been taken from their respective websites

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