Athiya Shetty’s lilac bathing suit is perfect to flaunt your summer bod

Because ‘Summer 2020’ is yet to arrive!

A lot many of you might argue that summer is already done with, but to be honest, it never came, did it? There were no Maldivian beach vacations, no sunkissed selfies on mountain tops, no cancelled Goa plans. We’re sure the sunscreen market went down too. So who is here to claim that summer is already done with? And even if someone is here, we have Athiya Shetty as our messiah telling them that summer is when we want it to be! And it will have to accept us in whatever summer bod we give it (as goes a popular meme) in a lilac bathing suit.

Athiya Shetty took to Instagram today and shared a mirror selfie of herself, in which she’s seen wearing a lilac bathing suit. And this bathing suit is what dreams are made up of. It’s the perfect colour, has an amazing fit, and Shetty makes for a good model for it. Despite the pandemic, the Motichoor Chaknachoor actress is ready to live the Summer 2020 life once things open up. Not just Shetty, you too can! Take a look at some lilac bathing suits we’ve sourced for you:

Image Source: All product images have been taken from their respective websites.

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