Sanjana Sanghi’s latest outing is a lesson in mixing prints

Sanjana Sanghi is the next it-girl with print on print!

After making her debut in Mukesh Chabbra’s Dil Bechara (the official Hindi adaptation of John Green’s novel, The Fault in Our Stars) in a good performance, Sanjana Sanghi is currently making waves in the fashion circuit. The young actor is now on an e-promotional spree, and has been seen promoting her film in fun, quirky outfits. Each of her appearances, styled meticulously by Bornali Talukdar, are unique and easy at the same time. They’re never something you wouldn’t want to wear.

For her latest outing (well, virtual outing), Sanghi was seen in a floral maxi dress and striped jacket from April. While, on most days we’re advised not to put together shades of brown, black and white together, Sanghi shuts us all. Colours, at the end of the day will blend with each other if you want them to and have the confidence to wear them! And that’s exactly what Sanjana Sanghi does.

Sanjana Sanghi promotes Dil Bechara in April

Sanjana Sanghi never goes wrong with a choker

In the recent past, we’ve seen, and observed, that a choker is Sanjana Sanghi’s go to. She loves wearing chokers, and why should she not! When she can carry it off with literally any outfit, why would she not do that. For this outing, Sanghi opted for a silver choker from And Noor and a statement ring from Tribe by Amrapali.

If you want to read more on how to mix prints, click here.

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It’s really disappointing to see how the media is treating a woman who has a voice! Why, in our history, are women with voices forced to shut down? And do we not learn from the fact that these very women always emerge victorious? So instead of shutting them down, can we just collectively uplift them? Till now, we’ve chosen to not speak about this issue, because we believe the media is not the correct ‘body’ to provide justice. It’s the judiciary. We’ve (the media) done it time and again. We’ve told stories of death, calling them murders. We’ve literally put bathtubs in media studios. Do we not realise, even though these are celebrities and they have chosen to put their life in the public domain, they are, after all, people. They deserve to be treated with sensitivity. And in this case, both Sushant Singh Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty. Let the judiciary do its job and let us do ours – we report what happens. We don’t go out seeking justice for someone else, while pushing someone down. And in most cases, who we’re pushing down is a woman. @rhea_chakraborty, if you’re reading this, we’re sending lots of love your way. We hope you and your family have the strength to get through this, because you will. Edit: We are, in no way, asking you to blindly believe women (here Rhea C). We’re only requesting you to let the judiciary do its job and not have your biases from what the media tells you. Justice will prevail, whether it’s in favour of the woman involved or against.

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