Shivan & Narresh celebrates 10 years in fashion with #Wilding20s

This is a collection to look out for!

It’s no news that Shivan Bhatia and Narresh Kukreja have together changed the entire resort-wear scenario in India. It won’t be wrong to say that with their label, Shivan & Narresh, they rather brought resort-wear to the forefront. One look at their designs and you see that there’s always a lot of inspiration and research that goes into them. It perhaps stems from their love for travel and their hunger to always know more about the things that excite them while they’re on one of their fancy vacations, or should we call them workations (that’s not even a word)! And if Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian West, among others approve of the creations, what more is there to say!

Each of Shivan and Narresh’s designs, from across collections are designed for modern travellers. You’d love to wear one of their outfits on a sunny day in Maldives, or at a bachelorette in LA. Their latest collection, #Wilding20s, which celebrates the brand’s decade long journey in fashion, is an extension of these very modern travellers, where the aim is to make them even more modern. But the aim here is larger! The designer duo have aimed for something bigger, something better. The series understands the anatomies of human, plant and animal and divides the collection into five lifestyles, Swimwear, Resort Wear, Cruise Wear, Safari and Ski Wear. It’s a one stop solution!

Source: Shivan & Narresh

Commenting on the ideology and inspiration of the latest show, Narresh Kukreja, Creative Director, Shivan and Narresh, said, “2020 has been a tough year for all and has made us introspect. There is a huge sentiment of escape in peoplefrom isolation, from confinement, from rules, and therein lies the euphoria of breaking old patterns of life. This mindful madness is what will define #Wilding20s of this century. It will be remembered with kindness, enlightenment, benevolence and will set patterns and movements for decades to follow; a life that marks continuity, and progresses in a sustainable manner.”  

Source: Shivan & Narresh

“With travel at the centre of our design universe, ‘wild’ refers to going back and connecting to nature.  #Wilding20s has been envisioned to look inwards and celebrate the synergy of animalia and plantae kingdoms in their most natural dignity, illustrated through 5 prints, 55 styles. Fulfilling our promise to be a holistic luxury holiday lifestyle brand, the series is a first as it encapsulates five lifestyles within one collection as a mark of completing 10 years”, said Shivan Bhatiya, Head Designer, Shivan and Narresh, on the series’ influence.

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