Best Dressed On The Virtual Golden Globes Red Carpet

From elaborate gowns to sleek dresses, the first ever virtual Golden Globes Red Carpet had all the extravaganza!

The Golden Globes 2020 Red Carpet was perhaps the last big event in fashion before the novel coronavirus hit us. Around this time last year, Hollywood celebrities were walking down a prestigious red carpet in glamorous couture gowns and tuxedos. And mind you, they were all mask-less. This year, things obviously aren’t the same. While a selected few got to attend the Golden Globes awards, in order to host it, most stayed at home. While the actual red carpet was missing, our lovely women made sure that we didn’t miss out on the fashion. So they stayed home, dressed up and sat in front of their computer screens, and of course there were pictures!

Perhaps every awards function will be this way for at least one year. And, with the fashion extravaganza at the Golden Globes, we can say there’s not much to miss out on, on the sartorial front. Yes, the fun and games will be missed, but Anna Wintour can sit back and roll her eyes all she wants. But at least, we know she won’t be rolling her eyes at Anya Taylor-Joy in a stunning emerald green Dior gown or Lily Collins in a Saint Laurent spring/summer 2020 dress.

Of what we gather from the pictures from the first ever virtual awards night, here are the best dressed looks from the prestigious Golden Globes Red Carpet…

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