When we started Bombay Balloon, almost two years back, we had no aim, nothing to lose and nowhere to go. We possibly still haven’t found answers to many questions about many things, but when we started it, we wanted to set some ground rules, but never actually came around the idea. But sometime back, our fashion writer, Vatsala Vats, put it on the table that we need to have ground rules. There needs to be a line that BB draws as to things we will continue doing and things we will never do, she said. And then it occurred to us that yes, we indeed needed this to set our principles in place. And so we came up with the only one we have now – No matter what we do, where this takes us, Bombay Balloon will always be a website with a heart. Website stats, Instagram engagement, Twitter retweets and Facebook likes can come and go, but what’s very important for us, at least from now on, is that we need to understand that the celebrities we talk about, are, after all, humans. They’re all humans with hearts. One flimsy gossip about them, and they are answerable to their loved ones – friends and families, just like you and we are. So here’s hoping that our engagement keeps on increasing (that’s what pays the bills haha), while we are able to stick to the one rule we have set for ourselves…

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