top 10 performers of 2021

Uninspiring at best – that’s how I would define Hindi films of 2021. Big stars had heavily flawed films, the writing of most films – big and small – was sloppy and the storytelling unimaginative. Rajkummar Rao had more than one releases this year, and none of his performances make it to this list, or maybe any. That’s how bad the year was. Not that we have just the film industry to blame for this, in times of crisis, but of the films that had released in the last year, very few made a mark for themselves. Even in one of Hindi Cinema’s worst years, we did see some brilliant performances. Here are my favourite ones, ranked…


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I had started Bombay Balloon purely as a passion project when I was in college. Today, the idea still remains the same, but is more evolved. Even today, this is just a platform where we express out love for cinema and the people who create magic on screen…


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