#BBTalks: Shweta Tripathi: Nepotism exists everywhere

#BBTalks: Shweta Tripathi: Nepotism exists everywhere

She is not the regular ‘Hindi film heroine’. She doesn’t shy away from taking risks, and the best of them all, she did not change her social media handles after becoming famous because “why should she?” In an exclusive interview with Shweta Tripathi we speak to her at lengths about her love for the camera, what keeps her going and, of course, tinsel town’s favourite, nepotism…

Shweta Tripathi BBTalks-16.pngShweta Tripathi BBTalks-2Shweta Tripathi BBTalks-3Shweta Tripathi BBTalks-4Shweta Tripathi BBTalks-5Shweta Tripathi BBTalks-6Shweta Tripathi BBTalks-7Shweta Tripathi BBTalks-8Shweta Tripathi BBTalks-9Shweta Tripathi BBTalks-10Shweta Tripathi BBTalks-11Shweta Tripathi BBTalks-12Shweta Tripathi BBTalks-13Shweta Tripathi BBTalks-14Shweta Tripathi BBTalks-15

Disclaimer: The images that have been used above have only been used after gaining those concerned’s permission.

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