Head over to Veg Non Veg for endless #ShoePorn

If you’re a sneakerhead in India and you haven’t heard of Veg Non Veg, you really must be living under a rock. India’s only multi-label sneaker store, Veg Non Veg was conceptualised by Bhane founder and major sneaker geek Anand Ahuja (seriously, just take a peek at his Instagram and you’ll get what we’re saying).

With brands like Asics, Onitsuka Tiger, Puma to name a few and boasting some of the world’s coolest limited-edition shoes, is it any surprise that the brand has quickly acquired a place in every sneaker lover’s heart?

If you’re in Delhi, head straight to the Veg Non Veg store. If not, do what we did and shop your heart out on the brand’s online store. Here are the sneakers we just couldn’t miss…

Veg Non Veg-2Veg Non Veg-3Veg Non Veg-4Veg Non Veg-5Veg Non Veg-6Veg Non VegVeg Non Veg-7

Check out their entire collection here.


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