Saif Ali Khan spills beans on Soha Ali Khan’s embarrassing date once upon a time

Soha Ali Khan launched her book, The Perils of Being Moderately Famous, just yesterday and the entire Pataudi family stepped ahead to support her. While launching the book, her brother, Saif Ali Khan, revealed a rather hilarious account of one of Soha’s dates in the past.

He said, “She had gone out for dinner once. It was before she had met Kunal…I hope he doesn’t mind me for saying it. It was kind of a date. He was a really wealthy guy, a big industrialist. He was talking to Soha and Soha was really bored. I don’t know if she was already seeing Kunal at that time.”

Soha and Kareena on a chorus said, “No,” and Saif continued, “She just went out to be polite. So, a friend messaged her to ask how was it going and Soha replied saying, ‘It’s boring’. Only she messaged the guy. And now this is Soha – She asks the guy for his phone, takes it, deletes the message, hands over the phone and carries on. That’s my sister, Soha.”

On the work front, Saif is gearing up for the release of Kalaakaandi while he is busy shooting for Bazaar.

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