Not friends: Karan Johar and Kangana Ranaut

Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty’s show, India’s Next Superstar will play host to various Bollywood celebrities and guess who is shooting for it tomorrow! No point, it’s Kangana Ranaut!

Ranaut and Johar have shared differences in the past but the former will be attending this show of the director as a ‘celebrity guest’. So suddenly, has the “flag bearer of nepotism” turned friend to the Queen actress? No!

A source reveals that the channel has approached Ranaut with a hefty payment, and she saw no reason to reject the offer. The source said, “Kangana and Karan may share different ideologies but this doesn’t mean they can’t come together on a common platform. It’s great that Karan and Kangana will shoot together. But it’s a professional call, nothing more should be read into it.”

Well, we certainly appreciate the professionalism!

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