Sonam Kapoor: Women need to step up

Sonam Kapoor has recently been making headlines, whether it has been pertaining to her pay disparity comment, or the fact that no one was ready to invest in Veere Di Wedding, or even her role in PadMan. Speaking about producers backing out of Veere Di Wedding, Kapoor said, “I don’t know if they will give us as much because you cannot ignore the fact that there’s still a massive pay disparity, which is insane. It’s important to get what you are worth. Otherwise, there needs to be a staunch stand for what you believe in. And women need to step up for sure.”

Kapoor was also asked, by a leading daily, about how she chooses roles to maintain her image, to which she said, “I honestly don’t give a shit about my image! I just believe in doing the right thing and the correct films. Which is why what people think of me is their problem, not mine.”

“People don’t come to me with neurotic roles anymore. Nobody expects me to do a flower pot role. And I love that because I don’t want to waste my time listening to something that’s irrelevant and I wouldn’t do,” she added.

And even though times in Bollywood are changing for the better, the Neerja actress wants the change to come sooner. “I wish it was faster and more relevant so that I am around to see the complete change. But I think we are at least a 100 years behind Hollywood.”

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