As Ralph Lauren opens doors in Delhi, go get that Alia Bhatt look!

It’s not like the fashion scene in India hasn’t been aware of Ralph Lauren since forever. We definitely have always known, not just the iconic history of the brand, but also it’s progression through the changes in and acceptance of fashion trends. But when home girl Priyanka Chopra (now Jonas) wore the label to the Met Gala two years back, everyone, worldwide, re-realised what a force the Godfather of fashion was. Chopra did it yet again at the Met Gala last year and then, by choosing to be a RL Bride, she put the brand, specifically on the Indian map, making now the perfect time for the opening of this flagship store.

As Ralph Lauren opens doors in Delhi go get that Alia Bhatt look!-2
L to R: Priyanka Chopra Jonas at Met Gala 2017, Met Gala 2018, her wedding in Jodhpur

The world’s leading fashion brand of American origin, Ralph Lauren, just opened it’s doors in India’s brand consuming fashion capital, New Delhi. After launching Polo Ralph Lauren at DLF Emporio a few months back, the label has now opened a flagship store at Delhi’s latest luxury fashion destination, The Chanakya.

A two-storey boutique, Ralph Lauren promises to feature apparel and accessories for both men and women, along with footwear, handbags, small leather goods and the Ricky Bag. The store will also include pieces from Purple Label and Ralph Lauren Collection, the label’s most alluring versions of fashion for women and men respectively. And of course, there will be the iconic, classic Polo Ralph Lauren. And what’s more, the store will soon also feature their Spring Summer ’19 collection straight out of the New York fashion Week!

In an interview some time back, Ralph Lauren had said, “It’s been instinct and gut and love and passion and honesty,” and with this vision in our heads too, we’re going to be walking into the Ralph Lauren store soon enough.

Have a look at a few images from the store:

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Images by: Yashna Chopra

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